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Medical Research

By investing in an NFT and joining our community you have the ability to apply to join a clinical study.

* due to eligibility and regulation we cannot guarantee everyone will be able to join a core clinical study, however it is our intention to instigate a wide ranging selection of data gathering studies.  Be assured that your participation in the community will contribute to our shared mission to cure the world of cancer.

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Viable, credible and extensive research is a crucial piece of the drug development process.

A clinical study, also known as a clinical trial or clinical research, is a carefully designed and conducted scientific investigation involving human participants. Its primary purpose is to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and sometimes the effectiveness of new medical treatments, interventions, drugs, devices, diagnostic techniques, or preventive measures. Clinical studies play a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge, improving patient care, and developing new therapies.

Clinical studies typically follow a structured protocol, which outlines the study’s objectives, methodology, participant selection criteria, treatment procedures, data collection methods, and statistical analysis plans. These studies are conducted in phases to systematically gather evidence about the tested intervention:

1. Phase I

Involves a small number of healthy volunteers to primarily assess the intervention’s safety profile, dosage range, and potential side effects.

2. Phase II

Enrolls a larger group of participants, often including patients with the condition of interest. This phase focuses on determining the intervention’s effectiveness and further assessing its safety.

3. Phase III

Conducted on an even larger scale, this phase involves a randomized and controlled comparison between the new intervention and existing treatments or a placebo. It aims to provide more comprehensive evidence of the intervention’s benefits and risks.

4. Phase IV

Also known as post-marketing surveillance, this phase occurs after the intervention has been approved and is available to the general public. It monitors the intervention’s long-term safety, effectiveness, and any rare or unexpected adverse effects.

Research leading to drug development

Clinical studies adhere to ethical and regulatory guidelines to protect the rights, safety, and well-being of participants. These guidelines emphasize obtaining informed consent from participants, ensuring the study’s design is scientifically rigorous, and maintaining transparency and accurate reporting of results.

By conducting clinical studies, researchers can gather data to determine whether a new intervention is safe and effective, allowing healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about patient care. The results of clinical studies influence medical practices, treatment guidelines, and regulatory decisions, ultimately shaping the landscape of modern medicine.


1. Clinical Research

Involving human participants to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and effects of medical interventions such as treatments, drugs, or devices. It aims to advance knowledge, improve care, and guide the development.

2. Observational Studies

Our researchers observe and collect information about subjects' characteristics, behaviors, or outcomes as they naturally occur in their real-world settings without drug intervention.

3. Nutritional Research

This research examines the impact of diet and nutrition on health and disease. It includes studies on dietary patterns, nutritional deficiencies, and the effects of specific nutrients.


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Imagine a world where you can make a difference in the development of life-saving solutions. Where diseases like cancer are combated head-on. 

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Imagine a world where you can take part in global clinical studies.  A world where novel, experimental and holistic therapies are a click away.